Is your website at risk?


With the tick-tick of time there is lot of development in information & technology. And we are utilizing it as e-mail, internet, social networking, video-conferencing, tele-education and many more.

But you may have heard about using antivirus, using firewall & securing your PC, smartphones, etc. I am sure you know about these things. If you own your website or just want to know about website at risk or not or it is safe.

Here I will let you know the site ( that checks your site is cloaked to Bots, has spammy links, funny redirects, or otherwise appears to be hacked or website is at risk. And it analyzes for any signs of an infection.

So, it is better to use Anti-Virus software, virus & malware scanners, Internet firewalls for website.

Be safe & keep other safe.

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