Travelling hills for Kafal/Kaaphal (Bay-Berrry/Box myrtle) – Kafal khanya kuiyan maryo la junkiri…


Today this is an article about a fruit called Kaaphal or Kafal, spoken in Nepali. It is commonly known as Bay-Berry/Box myrtle in English. As we know many people may have tasted this fruit. But haven’t got the opportunity to see its tree and how it looks like in tree, its branches, leaves and connections in fruits.
Kaaphal is the wild fruit available in the jungles. It is also found in the village area planted by people. The trees are big and trunks go wide up. The fruit is sour when unripe and sweeter & little sour mix when ripe. It is very tasty in taste. This can be made more delicious with paste of (green spices, coriander leaves and salt). The leaves of Kaaphal are light green when they start to grow up and turn dark green with time. The fruit turns deep dark red starting from green>light yellow>light orange>pink>red>finally deep red.
You can say that the best fruit liked by people of Nepal and Kumaun & Garhwal, Indian Territory. The fruit can be seen ripened, ready to eat around Chaitra-Baishak-Jestha as per Bikram Sambat Calendar and as per Gregorian calendar it is April-May, available for limited seasonal period found in hills area.
Another interesting thing about this fruit is there are many songs based on this fruit in Nepal and Kumaon of India. Also there is a bird which notifies us about the ripe Kaaphal and different stories are related to it. You can listen to the bird voice and search for video in youtube. The different songs are kafal/kamala, kafal gedi kutukai, reli khola bagara, Bedu Pako Bara Masa Kafal, Rangeelo Kumaon Kafal kheja and many more songs related to Kaaphal.
This is the perfect time to travel towards hills and enjoy this fruit. Good Luck.

A short documentary on Kafal Khanya Kuiyan:

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