PSC Nepal Computer Operator Exam 22.05.2018 (BS 2075/02/08) Solved Question Answers


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This is the article based on solved question answers of Public Service Commission of Nepal, Computer Operator Exam held on 22.05.2018. If any errors found in answers please do not hesitate to put feedback in comment box. Thank You

Here is the list of all 50 questions and answers.

Key ( C )

  1. What is the maximum number of lines you can set for a drop cap?

(A) 3                     (B) 10                   (C) 15                   (D) 20

  1. The maximum number of columns in a table of word document is:

(A) 65                   (B) 64                   (C) 63                   (D) 62

  1. The default top margin in a word document is:

(A) 2.58 cm         (B) 2.54 cm         (C) 3.18 cm         (D) 2.60 cm

  1. Command for creating hyperlink in word processor is:

(A) Ctrl+H            (B) Ctri+K            (C) Ctrl+L             (D) Ctrl+l

  1. The clipboard is

(A) used to temporarily store items that has been cut or copied

(B) Cache memory

(C) Feature that stores user information

(D) feature that saves file temporarily

  1. Which of the following is not available in font spacing?

(A) Normal          (B) Wide              (C) Expanded     (D) Condensed

  1. Where are the upper memory blocks located?

(A) Conventional memory   (B) Extended memory   (C) Expanded memory  (D) Reserved memory

  1. Which DOS command allows you to compress existing disks and to create new compressed volumes?


  1. You suspect a virus has entered your computer. What will not be affected by the virus? ‘

(A) CMOS            (B) Boot sector (C) Floppy disks                (D) Program files

  1. CHKDSK can be used to find

(A) Disk‘s bad sector       (B) Occupied sector         (C) Free space    (D) All of the above

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