PSC Nepal Kharidar Exam 02.06.2018 (BS 2075/02/19) Solved Question Answers


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This is the article based on solved question answers of Public Service Commission of Nepal, Kharidar Exam held on 02.06.2018. If any errors found in answers please do not hesitate to put feedback in comment box. Thank You

Here is the list of all 50 questions and answers.

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Key – ‘C’

General Knowledge & General Mental Ability Test


Multiple Choice Questions (50×2):-


  1. Which among the following are the types of land classified by Bhimsen Thapa?
  • Abal, Doyam, Sim
  • Hal, Pate, Kodale
  • Numbari, Aabadi, Birta
  • Ailani, Parti, Numbari


  1. Arrange the following Public Enterprises as per their establishment date from old to new.
  • Nepal Airlines Corporation, Dairy Development Corporation, Citizen Investment Trust
  • Dairy Development Corporation, Nepal Airline Corporation, Citizen Investment Trust
  • Nepal Airlines Corporation, Citizen Investment Trust, Dairy Development Corporation
  • Dairy Development Corporation, Citizen Investment Trust, Nepal Airlines Corporation


  1. Who is the chairperson of government’s information classification committee?
  • Prime Minister
  • Information and Communication Minister
  • Chief Commissioner of National Information Commission
  • Chief Secretary, Government of Nepal


  1. According to National Census, 2068 how many castes are residing in Nepal?
  • 123 Caste
  • 124 Caste
  • 125 Caste
  • 126 Caste


  1. When world blood donation day is celebrated?
  • April-7
  • June-14
  • July-14
  • September-30


  1. Who is the author of Nobel “Abiral Badachha Indrawati”?
  • Ramesh Bikal
  • Indra Bahadur Rai
  • Deb Kumari Thapa
  • Lil Bahadur Chhetri


  1. What is the name of a tool (Machine) to measure the purity of milk?
  • Polygraph
  • Lactometer
  • Animometer
  • Telemeter


  1. Which one agenda is not related with Earth Summit, 1992?
  • Global-500
  • Agenda-21
  • Bio-diversity
  • Climate change


  1. Which district has more population among the followings?
  • Dailekh
  • Pyuthan
  • Salyan
  • Baitadi


  1. When bio diversity day celebrated?
  • May-22
  • June-22
  • April-2
  • April-22

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