Track Planes in Real-Time with Flight Tracker

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The world has become very easy to access with one click. One Click on Internet and the world is in-front of you, ready to be moved in your finger tip. All these have been possible with the rapid development in science & technology.
You may have heard about this site that we can track planes departed, arrived and of course on air with live air traffic. The site that makes you easy on all this is, Flight Tracker (flightradar24.com). This website is also named as “The Facebook of aviation.” by The Wall Street Journal and trusted by biggest aviation companies like Airbus, Boeing & Lufthansa.

For Example :
1. You can track the planes which are arriving and departing from Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) Kathmandu, Nepal.
2. You can track planes by their Number, Aviation Company, Country they belong, etc.
3. Also you can view plane in 3D Live Simulation too and different options available.
4. You can also install app for iOS and android smartphones.

Image Source: FlightRadar, Google

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