Summaries of The Magic of Words (Grade – 11) HSEB Nepal


Unit – 1:
The Recurring Dream
The Lost Doll
The House Call
The Loving Mother

Unit – 2:
My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold – William Wordsworth
Speaking of Children – Barbara Holland
Look At a Teacup – Patricia Hampl
A Worn Path – Eudora Welty
The Three Day Blow – Ernst Hemingway

Unit – 3:
The Popular Field – William Cowper
Concrete Cat – Dorthi Charles
The Nightmare Life Without Fuel – Isaac Asimov
Un-chopping a Tree – W.S. Merwin
Keeping Things Whole – Mark Strand

Unit – 4:
Oops! How’s That Again – Roger Rosenblatt

Unit – 5: Identity, Gender and Ethenicity

Unit – 6 : Life and Death
The Six Million Dollar Man – Harold J. Morowize
On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness – Arthur Guiterman
In Bed – Joan Didion
The Gardner – Rudyard Kipling

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