The Recurring Dream


The story is set in England. The main character in this story is Kimberly Clark. Her name is usually shortened to Kim.

Kim is a young and pretty woman who lives in London. She has a good job. Kim is unhappy because she has the same dream almost every night. She dreams about a house in the countryside where an old man is asleep. In the dream, Kim enters the house and the old man wakes up. Kim tries to speak to the old man, but before she can say anything, she wakes up herself.

One day Kim is sitting in a car with her friend Janet. They are driving through the countryside .Kim sees the same house, which she has seen in her dream. She makes Janet stop the car and walks up to the house. An old man, who appears in her dreams, opens the door. Kim speaks to the old man who tells her, a ghost who visits most night haunts his house.

Kim asks who the ghost is? The old man says, “It’s you.”

The Magic of Words (Grade – 11th), HSEB NEPAL

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