The Lost Doll


This is the story of supernatural which presence the existence of re-incarnation. Maria Del Carmen was only the child of Roberta and Rosa Sota. She was frail. She died at the age of four and she was buried in the cemetery. Her mother gives away all her playthings & clothes to the priest. But her parents couldn’t know about the doll that she always used to have with her.

After a year of her death Roberta and Rosa had another child even after the doctor had said they couldn’t have. The new child name was Evangeline. She was beautiful as her sister Carmen but she was healthy. Everybody in the village use to say that, she was just like Carmen.

When she turned four she began saying that she used to be sick. But actually she was healthy. She insisted that she used to be sick. She talked about the little doll, which Carmen used to play with. Rosa and her sister were surprised at that and inquired her for the where about of doll. Evangeline took them backyard and asked them to dig under the tree. They found it and surprised. Evangeline told that when she was sick a good man came to her and took her with him. But when she showed the doll he helped her to put it under the tree.

The Magic of Words (Grade – 11th), HSEB NEPAL

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