The House Call


The main character of this story is German Doctor called Dr. Emil Braun. One day a small child came to the house of Dr. Braun and said, “My mother is very-very sick”.

Even though he was tired, Dr. Braun followed the child. The child led him to an old tenant house. The girl took the doctor to a room at the top of house where a woman was very sick. Dr. Braun recognized the woman because she used to work at the same hospital as he did.

Dr. Braun gave the woman some medicine. He told the woman how her daughter had come to fetch him, but the woman said that her daughter was dead. She had died three months before.

The woman said she had kept her daughter’s shoes and shawl to remind her of her daughter. The doctor got up and looked at the shawl and the shoes. They were wet.

The Magic of Words (Grade – 11th), HSEB NEPAL

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