Armando Gonzales visited a bank in Mexico City to take out 50,000 pesos. It had taken him 20 years to save this money and he was going to buy a house with it. In the bank Armando became very nervous. He was sure people wanted to rob him. He was so nervous that he put his hat on backwards.

Armando caught a bus to go home. A man whom he had seen in the bank also got on the bus. Armando saw this man talking to three boys. Armando got frighten. He stopped the bus and jumped out. The three boys also got off the bus. So, Armando began to run. He fell over and the boys came up to him, Armando was very frightened but soon he found out that the three boys were students. They followed him to see if he needs any help.

The Magic of Words (Grade – 11th), HSEB NEPAL

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