The Loving Mother


Shoji Sakota was pharmacist in Japan. One winter night he was working in his shop till midnight. He heard a knock at the door. There was a young woman who asked him for a sweet called Ame for her baby. On the next two nights the same woman came with the same request at the same time. Mr. Sakota asked a friend of his to wait in the shop and take photograph of that woman. He developed the photographs but there was no image of the woman in the picture.

On the next night Mr. Sakota and his friend followed the woman after she came asking for Ame. They followed her to a room in an old apartment. In the room they found a baby sucking some Ame and woman appeared to be sleeping. When Mr. Sakota tried to wake the woman he realized she was dead for several days.

The Magic of Words (Grade – 11th), HSEB NEPAL

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