About Nepal’s National ID Card & Registration System


As many countries of the world have already issued smart card as National ID for their citizen. The National ID Card is expected to help Nepal offering prompt and quality services to the citizen at minimum cost, that enhance achieving good governance and maintaining security. After successful implementation of this program, it is expected that Nepal would be competent as the world community to achieve its desire socioeconomic achievements.

Through annual policy, program and budget speech of fiscal year 2066/067, The Government of Nepal, has promulgated a policy to distribute Bio-metric Smart Card to all Nepalese Citizens in the form of National ID Card and such card can be used in various purpose like the election, social security, financial transactions, taxation, etc.

A separate organization has been established following the government policy, a department level central body, named National ID Management Center, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has been established on 2011-07-17 AD, pursuant to the government decision of June 30, 2010. 

The main objectives of this center are to collect personal and bio-metric data, providing unique ID number to each individual and to distribute national ID cards to them. The bio-metric smart card will have multi applications and can be read with highly secure terminals. The smart card itself will have background security features as well as software security.

Uses of National ID

  • Person’s National Identity for verification
  • Basic Identity for other identity, such as :- Passport, driving license, other similar applications, Vital registrations like birth, death, marriage, and Interviews, Examinations, Legal cases.
  • Voter ID Card,
  • For registering Land, Vehicle and other property,
  • Financial transactions,
  • Social Security Card,
  • Taxation,
  • Medical Information,
  • Border and security management,
  • True statistics for planning,
  • As record for security management,

Advantages of National ID

  • Solution to the person’s identity matters
  • Verification through bio-metric information,
  • Multiple services through single NID Card,
  • Better planning, programming and implementation of development works of the Nation,
  • Identification of Non-resident Nepalese and Foreigners living in Nepal,
  • Controlling crimes including Identity fraud
Nepal's National ID Sample Image
Sample of Nepal’s National ID for Educational Purpose

To Apply for the New National ID Card : Please download the form by clicking here…

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