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As our name is Kushal, it clears our vision and meaning in itself. Kushal is a Nepali word originated from Sanskrit, which means good, proper, suitable, expert, tactful, intelligent, better & many more. As per the name our content will be helpful for you. Therefore, we are here to provide you all information, study materials, suggestions, sample papers and many more about Public Service Commission and other informational posts, articles and videos at very one place.

We want to help the students and job searcher prepare for their target and achieve the goal. Hope this will help in learning, preparing and practicing for government jobs or private sector jobs too.

Every study material in this website is freely available to all. Everyone is free to ask question and make their query with us.  The viewers in this website can comment and feedback us regarding their interest and need.

We are connected with the very simple mean of internet to help in reading, learning, teaching and helping each other. And we do it in a very friendly manner as far as we can.